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  • Kids Martial Arts  near Willis

    This place is amazing.  Master Sophia has an incredible ability of helping your child learn self discipline and confidence while also studying martial arts and having fun!  Our boys go to the lock ins, summer camp and parents night out all the time.  They always have a blast and ask to go back.  The classes provide structure and age appropriate instruction.  WE LOVE PAKS!!!

    Jessica B.
  • Kids Martial Arts  near Willis

    Great and very skilled instructors that care about the success and welfare of students. Can't say enough positive things about the great instruction.

    Loura Poindexter Fry
  • Kids Martial Arts Willis

    We have been with Pak's Karate for 3 years now. The changes in our son are amazing. He is more focused in school and at home. I still remember the first time I came home and he had cleaned his room without even being asked. I just want to say thank you, I don't know where we would be with out you guys!

    Viki and John
  • Kids Martial Arts Willis

    The changes I saw in my daughter Alicia were apparent from day 1. It used to feel like such a struggle to keep her grades up. I used to have attend parent teacher meetings once or twice a week to talk about her behavior and seeming lack of interest in school work. We dreaded report card day. Pak’s karate offered us something different. Her training had a big emphasis on self-control, goal setting and respect for herself and others. Now though we still struggle from time to time. She is well on her way to being a model student! 

    Kimberely Ashton
  • Kids Martial Arts Willis

    Master Davenport, Thank you to you and your staff for your help and encouragement over the years, to get Cameron to black belt, it has helped him over the years to learn that he can achieve big goals with perseverance and hard work through small steps.

    Dave and Tina
  • Kids Martial Arts Willis

    I have nothing but good things to say! Master Sophia ROCKS! My son absolutely loves it there! He's learned so much and made some good friends! Highly recommend! It's a good thing through and through!!

    Sherri H.
  • Kids Martial Arts Willis

    I have been in martial arts off and on since I was a kid but really found a second home at Paks. I have learned to push myself to be the best I can and that I can accomplish so much more than I ever thought possible. We encourage and help each other so everyone can succeed. Last year when I was battling cancer my karate family really helped me get through it in so many ways. They were there for me during the hard times and are still helping me rebuild my body. I love my school and am so thankful for everything my instructors have done for me. All the students and parents are great too because we all want what's best for each other! It's not just a school, it's a way of life and a family of new friends!!

    Angel B.
  • Kids Martial Arts Willis

    So amazing what they do..I am very proud of my grandson Jace...

    Cindy R.

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